Zhang Mao Met with Director General of WIPO Francis Gurry

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  On April 24, Zhang Mao, Director of the State Administration for Market Supervision, met with Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), who is here to participate in the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and the Chinese National IPR Protection Week.

  Zhang Mao welcomed Gurry and his team to visit the State Administration. He said that the Chinese government has attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. With the division of labor and coordination of the new-built State Administration for Market Supervision and State Intellectual Property Office, remarkable results have been achieved by continuously improving the intellectual property management system, continuing to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and implementing laws and regulations such as the Foreign Investment Law and E-commerce Law during the Intellectual property enforcement; by comprehensively destroying the counterfeit and shoddy goods, increasing the illegal cost of infringement and counterfeiting, urging the enterprise and e-commerce platforms to implement their main responsibilities, letting the counterfeiters have nowhere to hide through public exposure and eliminating the production and marketing channels of pirated counterfeit products,which has been positively evaluated at home and abroad.

  Zhang Mao said that in recent years, Chinese intellectual property industry has developed rapidly and played a positive role in the continuous improvement of the business environment. The WIPO Global Innovation Index Report for 2018 shows that Chinese Innovation Index ranks 17th, making it the first middle-income economy to rank among the top 20 in the world. The 2019 Business Environment Report released by the World Bank shows that the global ranking of China's business environment has jumped to 46th place, an increase of 32 places over the last year. These results are inseparable from WIPO's support for China's intellectual property cause and fruition from the pragmatic cooperation between WIPO and the State Administration and Intellectual Property Office. It is hoped that both sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in intellectual property training and personnel exchanges, establish a perfect counterpart communication mechanism, work together to promote intellectual property protection, combat infringement and counterfeiting, and jointly promote new progress in the intellectual property cause.

  Gurry thanked Director Zhang Mao for his meeting and highly appreciated the rapid development of Chinese intellectual property and the work for the protection of intellectual property rights. He said that China has been attaching importance to the role of intellectual property rights in innovation and the modern economy, protecting it in all economic fields and the experience is worthy of publicity and sharing. China has always been an important partner of WIPO in the world. He hopes to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the State Administration for Markets and State Intellectual Property Office in the future and achieve greater achievements in promoting the development of intellectual property.

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