Zhang Mao Visited EU with Delegation, Signing a Competition Agreement and Successfully Holding China-EU Competition Dialogue under Witness of Both Sides Leaders

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  From April 7 to 11, Zhang Mao, Director of the State Administration for Market Supervision, led a delegation to visit the European Commission. Under the witness of the leaders of China and Europe, he signed a cooperation agreement with Ms. Vestager,the European Commission's Competition Commissioner . At the same time, as a supporting activity for the 21st China-EU Leaders' Meeting, the delegation of the State Administration for Market Supervision and the Directorate-General for Competition(DG-Comp)convened dialogues on China-EU competition policy and a review system for China-EU countries' assistance and fair competition. 

  Under the witness of the leaders of both sides, Zhang Mao on behalf of the State Administration for Market Supervision signed a new "China and EU Competition Policy Dialog Framework Agreement" and "On the Establishment of a Dialogue Mechanism Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Fair Competition Review System and State Aid Control System ” with the Commissioner for Competition of the European Commission. 

  In the China-EU competition dialogue, the two sides introduced their latest progress in anti-monopoly law enforcement, fair competition review, state aid control, etc., conducted pragmatic and full exchanges, discussed issues of common concern, and reached favorable consensus. Zhang Mao said in his speech that China and the EU need to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of competition and jointly build a solid competitive foundation for promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. It is hoped that the two sides will take this dialogue as an opportunity to turn consensus into positive action, and deepen cooperation and exchanges in the field of competition. At the same time, the two sides are expected to promote new achievements in China-EU competition policy cooperation, and work together with the purpose of creating a fair and competitive international business environment. 

  During the visit, Zhang Mao also held a small-scale meeting with Ms. Vestager, and held high-level talks with Ms.Vera Jourová, the Justice, Consumer and Gender Equality Commissioner. Zhang Mao expressed the hope that the relevant institutions of the European Union will continue to consolidate the foundation of good cooperation, deepen communication and cooperation in the fields of industrial product quality and food safety, consumer rights protection, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition. He also hopes that the two sides can further strengthen cooperation and establish a new institutional cooperation mechanism to make greater contributions for the sustained and healthy development of the EU-China economy. 

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