One Mongolian Enterprise Obtained ISO9001 Certification Issued by the Chinese Certification Body

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  On January 21, 2019, SRP Engineer Consulting Mongolia LLC of Mongolia received the ISO9001 quality management system certificate issued by Beijing United Intelligence Certification Co., Ltd. The Chinese certification body, the head of the Mongolian certified enterprise and the Commercial Counselor of the Mongolian Embassy in China attended the certification handover ceremony.

  Mr. Uuganbayar, General Manager of SRP Engineer Consulting Mongolia LLC, the Mongolian-certified company, said that he was quite honored to receive the certificate from the Chinese certification body.

  Ms. Jin Piao, general manager of the Chinese certification body UICC said that she hopes to use the experience, knowledge and ability of the certification body to develop friendly cooperation with Mongolia and other One Belt and One Road countries as well as contribute to promote China's certification and accreditation to the world.

  SRP Engineer Consulting Mongolia LLC is a foreign joint venture company in Mongolia, mainly engaged in construction supervision business such as road and bridge construction. The Mongolian enterprise obtained the certification issued by the Chinese certification body, which is of positive significance for promoting the economic and trade cooperation between China and Mongolia under the initiative of the  “One belt and One Road ” and enhancing the international influence of the Chinese certification body.


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