The International Quality Infrastructure Network (INetQI) Was Officially Born

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     Twelve international organizations reaffirmed their Commitment to improve quality  by the global network.  


   On November 30, 2018, the International Quality Infrastructure Network (INetQI) held its inaugural meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, marking the official birth of the International Quality Infrastructure Network. Xiao Jianhua, Director of the China National Accreditation Center for Conformity Assessment, attended the meeting as the President of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) on behalf of IAF.      

  The meeting pointed out that in order to better cope with the challenges of globalization and sustainable development, twelve international organizations involved in quality infrastructure, trade and development support reaffirmed their commitment to improve quality through the global network, strengthened mutual cooperation and promoted to understand the content of quality infrastructure, propaganda its value and acknowledge its result. It also provided guidance and support for the effective implementation and integration of quality infrastructure across the globe.

  The meeting stated that the network has recently formed a definition of a quality infrastructure system: “It is a system which is formed by the public and private organizations that are needed to enhance the quality, safety and environmental performance when promoting the products, services and process, as well as relevant laws, regulations and practices. This new definition extends the scope of the quality infrastructure and is expected to deliver greater value.

  The meeting emphasized that quality infrastructure is a necessary condition for the effective operation of the domestic market, and its international recognition is crucial for successful entry into foreign markets. A survey by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has shown that standards and related conformity assessments have an impact on 80% of world goods trade. In other words, quality infrastructure is a key factor in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals. Based on metrology, standards, accreditation, conformity assessment and market surveillance, it is also the necessary foundation for protecting the planet, safeguarding the dignified lives of all people, and achieving inclusive economic growth and prosperity.


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