Tian Shihong, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Market Supervision, Led the Chinese Delegation to the 82nd IEC Conference in Busan, South Korea

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  From October 22nd to 26th, 2018, the 82nd International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Conference was held in Busan, South Korea. Tian Shihong, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Director of the National Standards Committee, led the Chinese delegation to the General Assembly as the chairman of the IEC China National Committee. The delegation consisting of the State Administration for Market Supervision, the Standards Committee and the Certification and Accreditation Committee participated in the senior managers meetings and special topic forums like Board of Governors, the Board of Directors, Standardization Administration Board, the Conformity Assessment Bureau, the National Committee Chairman Forum and the Secretary Forum, the Asia-Pacific Regional Forum, the Regulators Forum and the Youth Expert Forums. The delegation also made full use of the IEC conference platform to meet with the IEC Secretary General and arrange formal bilateral talks with Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea. 

  Tian Shihong led the Chinese delegation to actively carry out cooperation and exchanges and campaigns during the conference, and deeply participated in the discussion about major issues of the conference, achieving gratifying results. First, the Chairman of the State Grid Corporation Shu Yinbiao, nominated by the IEC China National Committee together with other seven countries including Germany and France, was successfully elected as the IEC Chairman at the conference, whose term of office will be from 2020 to 2022. For 112 years since the establishment of the IEC, this is the first time that the Chinese expert has served as the highest leadership position of IEC, which is another milestone of China's participation in international standardization activities. Second, the conference officially announced that the 83rd IEC Conference will be hosted in Shanghai, China from October 21st to 25th, 2019. The delegation actively promoted the development of China's standardization and conformity assessment in various activities at the conference. The theme of the conference "Quality for a Better Life" carried out by China and the promotion of the application of international standards in the construction of the "Belt and Road" have been highly endorsed by the IEC parties with great comments. Third, Liu Weijun, a candidate for the Board of Directors , Xiao Han, a candidate for the Standards Committee, and Bo Yimin, a candidate for the Conformity Assessment Bureau, all of whom were nominated by China, successfully passed the meeting and became new members of the IEC's most important management organization. Fourth, Ma Dejun, Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, won the IEC Thomas Edison Award and presented the award at the IEC Standards Committee Meeting. Gong Xun from Lenovo Group stood out and became a leader of young experts at the IEC Youth Expert Seminar, attended by nearly one hundred of representatives from the countries. At the conference, the delegation also had a discussion and deliberations on IEC Strategic Planning and Action Plan, IEC Secretary-General's Annual Work Report, Financial Reporting and Budgeting, Report of the Vice-Chairman of the Standardization and Conformity Assessment Bureau, Market Strategy Bureau Work Report, IEC Governance and Transparency Improvement.  

  Tian Shihong specially arranged to meet with IEC Secretary-General Frans Vreeswi jk, to have an extensive communication on the affairs that China will serve as the new IEC chairman, host the 2019 IEC conference, continue the joint training of young experts with the IEC Central Office, and invite IEC Secretary-General and other major officials to participate in the second Qingdao International Standardization Forum. The Secretary-General hopes that China will take the opportunity of serving as the chairman and undertaking the IEC conference to make more contributions to the development of IEC. He also believes that this is a great chance for China to enhance its international standardization awareness. He said that he would participate in the second Qingdao International Standardization Forum and support China to conduct training activities for young experts. 

  During the meeting, Chinese delegation also held formal talks with Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries, on which the items like the implementation of the IEC strategy, the enhancement of IEC transparency, the strengthening of national membership, the construction of IEC information tools and the establishment of a sound financial development system were further communicated and a number of consensuses on promoting the transformation and improvement of IEC governance had been reached. At the same time, it also carried out pragmatic discussions on strengthening international standardization cooperation in information technology, new energy, new materials and artificial intelligence in the face of new opportunities for the fourth industrial revolution among countries.     

  In order to effectively run the 83rd IEC Conference, the delegation also organized the representatives to watch the activities and organization of the next IEC Conference, held two special meetings with the project officials of the IEC Central Office on the topics as the agenda, venue arrangement, and public seminar organization and then negotiated the next work arrangement.  

  In order to expand the results of the conference, seize the opportunity of being elected as the IEC chairman and hosting the IEC conference as well as promote international standardization work, the IEC China National Committee specially organized the IEC China National Committee and China's Participation in International Standardization Activities Expert Seminar to listen to expert opinions on how to strengthen the IEC China National Committee, support Chairman Shu Yinbiao to full play the role, improve the level of China's international standardization work, and so on. Tian Shihong pointed out that it is necessary to seize the historical opportunity of China’s serving as the IEC chairman to deeply participate in international standardization activities and expand China's influence; that it is necessary to seize the great opportunity to host the next IEC conference to promote China's standards and display China's image; that it is important to seize the opportunity of standard unicom and the co-construction of “One Belt, One Road” strategy to promote the compatibility between Chinese standards and international advanced standards systems; that it is important to seize the opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution to actively participate in and lead the formulation of international standards, take the first place in the world scientific and technological revolution as well as industrial transformation and gain an advantage in the global standard competition.  

  There were more than 3,000 experts from 94 countries at the 83rd IEC Conference, where 97 technical committees and sub-committees held technical conferences in the same period. More than 400 representatives from China attended the meetings of 53 technical committees and subcommittees. 

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