Sun Meijun Met with the Visiting Canadian Food Inspection Agency Chairman Paul Glover

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  On the afternoon of October 16, Sun Meijun, deputy Director of the State Administration for Market Supervision, met with visiting Canadian Food Inspection Agency Chairman Paul Glover and his party. The two sides had friendly exchanges on food safety cooperation.   

  Sun Meijun said that food safety has a bearing on public health and life safety and the Chinese government has always attached great importance to relevant regulatory work. The newly established the State Administration for Market Supervision integrates food safety related functions and regards food safety supervision as its primary responsibility. In accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations and standards as stipulated in the Food Safety Law, it insists on prevention, risk control, full management, and social co-governance. The principle is to strictly enforce production and operation licenses, carry out special supervision, establish a credit system, implement joint punishment, encourage social supervision, and urge food production enterprises to implement the main responsibilities and legal obligations, which has achieved positive results.     

  Paul Glover expressed appreciation for China's work in the field of food safety regulation. He said that food safety is a global issue and hopes that the two departments will continue to deepen cooperation in the field of food safety, strengthen work exchanges in the fields of laws and regulations, information exchange, industry supervision, early warning, etc. He also hopes that the two sides can provide a good example for international cooperation in food safety and improve the level of food safety in both countries.     

  Sun Meijun agreed with Paul Glover's insights on strengthening international cooperation in food safety. She said that the current trade in food between China and Canada is frequent, and food in both countries is increasingly appearing on the table of consumers. It is hoped that the two departments will consolidate and develop the original good cooperative relations, exchange advanced experience and work practices in the fields of laws and regulations, inspection and testing technology, and promote the sustainable development of bilateral economic and trade relations.  


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