Zhang Mao Met with Chairman and CEO of Procter & Gamble(P&G), Dai Huaide , Hoping to Create a Level Playing Field and Promote Openness Together

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Administration for Market Supervision, met with the Visiting Dai Huaide,president and CEO of P&G and his team.  

  On September 11, Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Market Supervision, met with the Visiting Dai Huaide, president and CEO of P&G and his team. Zhang Mao hoped that foreign-funded enterprises in China will play an active role in legally operating according to regulations and promoting opening up, and work together to create a fair and orderly market competition environment.   

  Zhang Mao introduced the relevant functions of the newly formed the State Administration for Market Supervision. He said that this institutional reform will integrate the decentralized market supervision functions to form a unified department for comprehensive management and comprehensive law enforcement of industrial products, consumer goods, food, medicines, intellectual property, etc., and realize "one team to manage the market". It solved the regulatory problems of duplicate law enforcement and intersection of law enforcement in the past. At present, the building of the new organization has been successfully completed, and all work has been carried out in an orderly manner. Taking this as a new starting point, the State Administration for Market Supervision will further deepen its reforms of“streamline administration”, strictly abide by the safety bottom line in the fields of food and medicine, and create a fair and orderly market competition environment for Chinese and foreign enterprises.   

  Zhang Mao pointed out that China's pace of opening up to the outside world is accelerating. In the future, it will continue to actively introduce foreign advanced industrial products, medicines and other products, so that the people can fully enjoy the benefits of reform and opening up. The trade war is not conducive to the interests of both China and the United States. It is a general trend to resolve trade issues through dialogue and consultation. The market supervision department will insist on treating state-owned and private enterprises, local and foreign-funded enterprises equally, and hope that foreign companies in China such as P&G can share advanced experience in perfecting the market economy system and building a competitive market order, and actively provide suggestions for market supervision.   

  Dai Huaide expressed gratitude to the market supervision department for its long-term guidance and assistance to business operations, and expressed appreciation for the work of the State Administration for Market Supervision in combating infringement and counterfeiting and promoting fair competition. He said that Procter & Gamble will adhere to legal and regulatory operations, continue to increase investment, strive to improve product quality and productivity, provide higher quality products for Chinese consumers, and actively cooperate with market supervision departments to make a contribution to develop Sino-US economic and trade.   


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