Qin Yizhi and the Team Visited to Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia

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  July 25 to August 3, Qin Yizhi, Deputy Director (Provincial-Ministerial level) and Member of the Party Leadership Group of State Administration for Market Regulation, with his team visited countries along the Belt and Road, including Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia, accompanied by Liu Weijun, Deputy Administrator and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). Consultations on quality and technology infrastructure construction such as conformity assessment,measurement, along with comprehensive supervision of the market were carried on with the related departments of the three countries.

  During his visit to Mongolia, Mr. Qin visited the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Light Industry of Mongolia, the Bureau of Standard Measurement and the General Administration of Technical Supervision. And he also visited The Laboratory of Standard Measurement and Food Safety. Qin highlighted the reform of China’ market supervision system, exchanged views with Mongolia on quality and technology infrastructure construction, the development of medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, cooperation in the field of food safety, and specifically discussed some cooperation projects. 

  When he was in Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Qin paid their visit to Economy Ministry as well as the Ministry of Agricultural Soil Improvement and Food Industry of Kyrgyzstan. He signed the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Conformity Assessment Cooperation. Both sides agreed to strengthen policy communication, technical exchanges and personnel training. Furthermore, they decided to further deepen all-round cooperation in the fields of conformity assessment, measurement, standards and food safety. 

  In Saudi Arabia, Mr. Qin visited the Business and Investment Department, the Bureau of Standard Measurement and Quality (SASO) and the SASO laboratory. He conducted in-depth exchanges with Saudi Arabia on issues such as quality and technology infrastructure construction, strengthening comprehensive market supervision and energy efficiency testing of our household appliances exported to the country. The two sides reached consensus on strengthening information sharing, improving cooperation mechanisms and deepening practical cooperation in the field of market regulation.

  In addition, the delegation also went to the Chinese embassies in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia for exchange and research on the development and supervision of the local market.

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