2018 World Accreditation Day Thematic Event was Held in Beijing

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  On the morning of June 8, the State Administration for Market Regulation hosted the 2018 "world accreditation day" in Beijing with the theme of "delivering market trust and serving market regulation". Bi Jingquan, Party Secretary and Deputy Administrator of the State Administration for Market Regulation, attended the activity and delivered a speech, while Qin Yizhi, Deputy Administrator of the State Administration for Market Regulation and a member of the party group, attended the activity.

  Bi Jingquan pointed out in his speech that trust is the basis of a market economy. The basic function of certification and accreditation system is to "pass on trust", to solve problems such as information asymmetry between consumers and producers, to be a "medical certificate" for quality management, to be a "letter of credit" for a market economy, and to be a "pass" for international trade. Over the years, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, our country has accelerated the establishment of a certification and accreditation system in line with international standards in accordance with the requirements of the development of the socialist market economy. It has promoted the widespread application of certification and accreditation in all walks of life. It has played an important role in improving the management level of our enterprises and the quality of our products and services, expanding foreign trade, and safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers.

  Bi Jingquan stressed that the Party's 19th national congress made a major decision to deepen the structural reform on the supply side and promote high-quality economic development. The certification and accreditation cause is facing a rare opportunity for development and also shouldering a major responsibility. We should fully understand the role of certification and accreditation, and make good use of certification and accreditation tools to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life. We should improve the incentive mechanism for certification and accreditations so that high-quality products and services can bring greater economic benefits to enterprises, attract more enterprises to participate in certification and accreditation, and promote structural reform on the supply side. Efforts should be made to improve the credibility of certification and accreditation, regard certification and accreditation information as an important basis for credit evaluation, promote the construction of an integrity system, and further enhance the trust and confidence of Chinese people in Chinese goods. Efforts should be made to promote the full integration of the certification and accreditation standard system with the international advanced level, to promote the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing quality, to increase the added value, and to move towards the middle and high end.

  Bi Jingquan requested that the reform of the certification and accreditation system should be deepened continuously, the scope of compulsory certification should be further narrowed, the certification process should be simplified, the burden on enterprises should be reduced, and the voluntary certification system should be innovated. We should continuously improve the level of quality management system services, strictly implement certification standards and procedures, strengthen on-site inspection and product quality supervision after certification, and improve the transparency of certification and accreditation work. We should effectively strengthen the supervision and enforcement of certification, make great efforts to solve illegal problems including illegal operations in the certification field, false certification, buying and selling certificates and other illegal problems, and solve the problems of lax supervision and weak law enforcement. We should improve the mechanism of social co-governance, give full play to the role of the market, perfect the quality competition mechanism of eliminating the superior from the inferior, make efforts to facilitate the sale, develop and grow of certified enterprise products that strictly implementing certification standards, weaken and eliminate sale of fake and inferior enterprise products. We should take the opportunity of institutional reform to push forward the construction of quality certification system in a solid way, improve the level of certification and accreditation work in an all-round way, and make new contributions to improving the efficiency of market supervision and creating a new situation in market regulation.

  At the event, the national certification and accreditation information public service platform "certification e-cloud" was officially launched. Beidou car networking testing and accreditation alliance released the first batch of Beidou car networking product certification demonstration enterprises list and launched the Beidou car networking certification service platform. The Chairman of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the responsible person from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, the responsible person from the Tianjin Market and Quality Supervision Administration, well-known experts and scholars, and the responsible person of certified enterprises made statements.

  More than 350 people including heads from the State Administration for Market Regulation and bureau, China Food and Drug Regulation, State Intellectual Property Office, Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China and subordinate bureaus, the subordinate bureaus, member units of Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting on National Certification and Accreditation, and specially invited units, experts and scholars, all cadres of CNCA, and heads of subordinate units, representatives from Beijing Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, Beijing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Regulation Bureau, and Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, people from Beidou car networking testing and accreditation alliance, relevant testing and certification organizations, representatives of the business community and media reporters participated in the event.

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