Chief Engineer Bo Yumin Leads A Delegation to Visit Denmark and England

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  On May 17-22, in order to deepen cooperation with Denmark and the UK in the field of certification and accreditation, Chief Engineer Bo Yumin of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China led a delegation to visit Denmark's Ministry of Industrial Commerce and Finance, Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, and British Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

  During the visit, the delegation held talks with relevant leaders of the Danish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Finance, the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, the Food Veterinary Bureau, and the British Ministry of Environmental Food and Rural Affairs. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on certification and accreditation, organic product certification, and green product certification. They also reached a consensus on deepening cooperation in the field of certification and accreditation, promoting the recognition and acceptance of certification and accreditation results between China-Denmark, and China-UK, and facilitating trade.

  Chief Engineer Bo Yumin also met with counselor Zhang Shujing of the Business Department of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Denmark and exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in the field of China-Denmark certification and accreditation. Chief Engineer Bo Yumin also went to China Certification and Inspection Group London company for investigation and detailed understanding of the company's business development. She gave full recognition to the company's achievements over the years and hoped that the company would make further efforts and make its due contribution to the service of trade facilitation between China and England.

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