Premier Li Keqiang Talks About Quality Work in the Government Work Report!

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  The first session of the Third National People’s Congress kicked off today in the Great Hall of the People. Premier Li Keqiang, on behalf of the State Council, reported to the General Assembly on the work of the government over the past five years and proposed suggestions for this year’s work.

  Premier Li Keqiang Talks About Quality Work

  I. Review of the Work over the Past Five Years

  In the year that just passed, all main targets and tasks for economic and social development were accomplished and performance has exceeded expectations. The state of play in the economy was good, with growth and quality, structural improvement, and performance each reinforcing the other. This is the result of a series of major policy effects that have accumulated over the past five years. All aspects have worked tirelessly for a long time.

  We are soberly aware that the endogenous impetus for economic growth is not sufficient, the innovation capacity is not strong enough, and the quality and efficiency of development are not high enough.

  II. The Overall Requirements and Policy Direction for Economic and Social Development in 2018

  The main expected target for this year's development is to meet the reality that China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth phase to a high-quality development phase.

  III. Suggestions for the Government's Work in 2018

  (1) Stepping up supply-side structural reform. In economic development we need to focus on the real economy. We will continue to cut overcapacity, reduce excess inventory, deleverage, lower costs, and strengthen areas of weakness. We will take big steps to streamline administration and cut taxes and fees, keep improving the business environment, and further energize market entities, to increase the quality of economic growth.

  We will deepen the reforms designed to delegate powers, improve regulation, and provide better services. A negative list for market access will be instituted nationwide.

  We will implement across the board an oversight model using randomly selected inspectors to inspect randomly selected entities and requiring the prompt release of results. There will be zero tolerance for counterfeit and substandard products and corrupt law enforcement.

  We will significantly scale back industrial production licensing, and strengthen product quality oversight. Taking steps in all sectors to improve quality, we will work toward meeting the highest international standards, encourage the spirit of workmanship, and ignite a revolution in the quality of Chinese-made goods.

  (2) Deepening reforms in fundamental and key areas. We will, drawing on the important momentum generated by the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, endeavor to make new breakthroughs in reform, and continue to unleash and develop productive forces.

  We will prudently move forward with reforms introducing mixed ownership in SOEs. The system for State Council reporting to the NPC Standing Committee on the management of state-owned assets will be implemented. Our SOEs should, through reform and innovation, become frontrunners in pursuing high-quality development.

  (3) Doing more to ensure and improve people's wellbeing. We will, in line with economic growth, do more to directly benefit the people, address the difficulties that affect their lives, and ensure that their basic living needs are met. Our aim is to help people feel more satisfied, happier, and more secure.

  We will steadily raise urban and rural subsistence allowances, social assistance benefits, and benefits for entitled groups. We will take proactive measures to tackle population aging, including developing at-home, community-based, and mutual-aid elderly care, promoting integrated medical and elderly care services, and improving the quality of services at senior care facilities.

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