Notice of AQSIQ on Studying, Publicizing and Implementing the “Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening the Construction of Quality Certification System and Promoting Total Quality Management”

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  [ 2018 ] No. 45


  Direct subordinate Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus, all the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, deputy provincial cities, all cities specifically designated in the state plan, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (Market Supervision and Management Department), the Certification and Supervision Committee, the Certification and Accreditation Association of the People’s Republic of China, the Standardization of the People’s Republic of China, all departments of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, and all directly affiliated units:


  In order to further promote the “supply-side structural reform” and the “decentralization, integration of management, optimization of service” reform, conduct full implementation of the strategy of quality power, and promote the implementation of Guiding opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on carrying out quality improvement actions ([2017] No.24), recently, the State Council issued the Opinions on strengthening the construction of quality certification system and promoting the total quality management ([2018] No.3, hereinafter referred to as the Opinions). In order to do a good job in the studying, publicizing and implementing of the Opinions, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.


  Firstly, understanding the issuance of the Opinions profoundly.The Opinions fully implements the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, comprehensively and systematically puts forward strengthening the construction of quality certification system in the new era, and promotes the overall quality management of the guiding opinions, basic principles, objectives and tasks. The Opinions further clarifies that quality certification is the basic system to strengthen quality management, improve market efficiency in market economy, and provides an important basis for further conducting quality improvement actions and comprehensively strengthening the certification and accreditation work. The issuance of the Opinions fully reflects that the CPC central Committee and State Council attach great importance to quality work, provides an important institutional guarantee and policy support to comprehensively strengthen the construction of quality certification system, to promote the transformations from made in China to create in China, from speed to quality, from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality, and promotes the high quality development of economy and society.


  To profoundly understand the significance of the issuance of the Opinions, we must study,  publicize and implement the Opinions in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, to resolutely implement the actual actions of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council to significantly serve the supply side structural reform, improve the quality of the supply system, and to greatly deepen the reform of “decentralization, integration of management, optimization of service” reform and improve the quality inspection management and service level.


  Secondly, carrying out the studying and publicizing of Opinions solidly. The whole system should make studying, publicizing and implementing the Opinions as an important task, we should ideologically attach great importance to strengthen organizational leadership, to carry out thematic research and deployment, and to pay close attention to the implementation of the work, in order to ensure the implementation requirements of the Opinions.


  1) The learning of Opinions should be organized quickly. All units and departments should carry out in-depth study the spirit of the Opinions, learn the principles and requirements, clear objectives and tasks combined with the spirit of studying and implementing of the national quality inspection work conference and the national certification and accreditation work conference. Leading cadres at all levels, especially the main responsible cadres, responsible comrades in charge of certification work, should take the lead in learning and researching, should explore and innovate boldly and put forward creative and pioneering work ideas. We should form a good atmosphere of learning certification, mastering certification and making good use of certification through lectures, seminars and other forms.


  2) The publicity efforts should be stepped up. We should make the Opinions as the focus of publicity, we should carry out extensive publicity and mobilization work in society through the news media, network new media and other modes of transmission, carry out a variety of propaganda and interpretation activities, interviews, advisory services and other activities in order to popularize certification knowledge, disseminate advanced quality management concepts and methods, promote the quality certified enterprises and products, and improve the quality consciousness of the whole society. We should make joint efforts with other departments and units to carry out thematic publicity activities for the enterprises and social public organizations and, thus forming unified publicity efforts.


  3) The implementation plans should be formulated. CNCA shall take the lead in formulating and implementing the overall plan and the task divisions of the Opinions, and closely connect the work with the three-year quality improvement action plan and the annual work deployment; All units and departments should be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, formulate and implement the  thematic implementation plan of the Opinions, and involve the plan into the relevant development planning and annual work plan, efforts should be made to make detailed task decomposition, to clear the divisions of responsibility, to strengthen supervision and inspection work in order to ensure the implementation in place.


  4) The key tasks should be marked. Based on the overall requirements and the tasks from seven aspects of Opinions, from the perspectives of current work, long-term work and main task, we should promote the continuous implementation of Opinions. At present, with “quality improvement action year, certification and accreditation into action” as the theme and with the certification and accreditation supplying quality as the main line, we should focus on carrying out five quality improvement actions including certification promotion of millions of enterprises, high-end certification brings quality life, certification serves local industry, “Once China certificates, globally recognize”, and special rectification towards “certification chaos” and other actions, so as to promote the overall quality management and the quality improvement of product and service, increase the “sense of gain” of enterprises and people.


  5) The overall coordination work should be strengthened. CNCA shall earnestly perform the duties of unified management, supervision and comprehensive coordination, strengthen the macro management and professional guidance of the certification and accreditation work of all localities, departments and industries, and improve the national “A game of chess” pattern. SAC, all the departments and units of AQSIQ, direct subordinate units should actively support the construction of quality certification system, strengthen policy convergence, system supporting and work coordination. The Quality Supervision Bureau and Inspection and Quarantine Bureau should  timely report to the local Party Committee and local government in order to promote local governments at all levels to put quality certification system construction on the important agenda, to involve it in economic and social development planning, to formulate work plan and supporting policies, to establish relevant organizations and provide financial support, and to clear divisions of responsibility and time schedule, in order to ensure the decision-making deployment takes root.


  Thirdly, improving the working mechanism of implementation of the Opinions. In accordance with the principle of “unified management, joint implementation”, based on the construction of “Party Committee leadership, government led, department joint, corporate responsibility, social participation” quality work pattern, we should establish and improve the mechanisms of incentive and constraint, coordinated linkage, evaluation and assessment, give full play to the role of the parties to emphasize the function of leadership and co-management, forming a working force.


  1) The leading role should be brought into full play. AQSIQ and CNCA should pay special attention to the macro management and design from the top level of quality certification system construction, improve the policies and management measures, strengthen administrative supervision and comprehensive coordination ability, improve the quality level of certification and accreditation supply, standardize certification and accreditation activities, and enhance the validity and credibility of certification and accreditation work.


  2) The government’ supporting guide role should be brought into full play. We should improve the national certification and accreditation work of the inter-ministerial joint conference system, promote local governments at all levels, the competent departments of the industry to establish consultative and coordinating agency and corresponding working mechanism, involve the quality certification work in the government performance appraisal and quality work assessment so as to make it an important means of government governance and industry management, improve the relevant policies, regulations and system, carry out pilot exploration and demonstration construction, thus forming replicable results that can be popularized.


  3) Third, the market-led role should be brought into full play. Certification and accreditation bodies, inspection and testing bodies and their practitioners should earnestly perform their main responsibility, strictly regulate the conformity assessment activities, and strive to improve professional ability and service level, in order to provide high quality certification services for the community; The employ enterprises should actively use the means of quality certification to promote total  quality management, and to constantly improve the quality of products and services. They should create a good environment for the development of the industry, accelerate the integration of inspection, testing and certification bodies, perfect market-oriented operation mechanism in order to form the benign pattern of self-motivation, self-restraint of all kinds of market players.


  4) The social co–governance role should be brought into full play. We should improve the “laws and regulations, administrative supervision, accreditation constraint, industry self-discipline and social supervision” five in one of the multiple governance system, establish certification and accreditation whole process tracking and traceability mechanism, improve the certification recognition mechanism for government, industry, society and other aspects, improve the personnel accountability mechanism of employment institutions, certified enterprises and their personnel, perfect and restraint mechanism, strengthen the role of industry self-discipline and social supervision, and comprehensively improve the social recognition and social participation of certification and accreditation, promote the whole society to build quality certification system, share quality development results.


  The studying, publicizing and implementing processes the Opinions of all the units and departments, please report to the general administration before March 5th, 2018.


  Contacts: Cao Jian  010 - 82262721  Zhang Leizhu  010 - 82262694


  General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of The People's Republic of China


  February 6th, 2018


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