Chinese Expert Have Been Re-elected to ExTAG President and Have Been Awarded the IEC1906 Award

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  From September 25 to September 29, The Annual Meeting of the nineteenth International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Explosion Protection Equipment Certification System (IECEx) Management Committee (ExMC) and the Technical Committee (ExTAG) was held in Washington, DC. Prof. Xu Jianping, President of the ExTAG, Vice-General Manager of Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrumentation Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SIPAI) and Executive Director of SITIIAS Co., Ltd., hosted the third ExTAG Annual Meeting and ExTAG Training Seminar. And he was re-elected for a term of three years (Till December 2010) in the President Election link of ExTAG system.


  At the same time, at the ExMC Annual Meeting of IECEx System, Dr. Arnhold Thorsten, President of IECEx, announced the winners of the IEC 1906 Award in the field of IECEx. This was his second IEC 1906 Award in recent three years, which was an important evidence of China’s rapid progress in enhancing its international influence in the field of conformity assessment technology and of the high affirmation of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) towards the effective organization of experts and substantial practice of the Chinese government in participating the activities of international conformity assessment system.


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  The IECEx system is one of the most dynamic conformity assessment systems in the four global conformity assessment systems created by the IEC. It is the global best practice model that the United Nations (UN) has recognized for conforming international standards compliance. Founded in 1996, the IECEx system is a global conformity assessment system dedicated to the equipment used in explosive atmospheres and relevant services and the certification of personals competencies. It aims at eliminating the repeated testing of explosion-proof equipment and related services and personnel competencies, thus promoting international trade facilitation, with the acceptance of one standard, one certificate and one logo throughout the world. So far, the IECEx system has 33 official members, 55 certification bodies and 62 laboratories, and China is a founding member of the system. The IECEx system establishes and operates the IECEx02, IECEx 03, IECEx 04 and IECEx 05, and has issued various certificates and reports of more than 65,000 copies, covering explosion protection equipment using in explosive atmospheres and all he elements related to the safety application of the entire life cycle including installation, inspection, maintenance, repair services and personnel capacity certification and other explosion protection equipment. The IECEx system is playing an increasingly important role in helping the Chinese nation's industrial products and technical services and professionals to the world. ExTAG is the most important technical committee working on to research and address technical issues related to testing and reviewing and to develop coherent technical rules in the IECEx system.


  The IEC1906 Award is one of the most important awards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is established by the IEC to commemorate the establishment of the IEC in 1906 and to award the experts who have made outstanding global contribution to IEC international standardization and conformity assessment work.

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