"The Belt and Road" International Symposium on Accreditation Development Was Held in Beijing

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  On September 4, "The Belt and Road" International Symposium on Accreditation was grandly kicked off in Beijing. 29 representatives of 14 accreditation bodies from the along “The Belt and Road” countries including  Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iran and other countries gathered in Beijing to discuss the development of certification and accreditation. Ms. Wang Fengqing, Chief Administrator of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, Mr. Liu Weijun, Deputy Chief administrator of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, President of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and Mr. Xiao Jianhua, Secretary-General of CNAS attended the seminar and delivered speeches.

  Ms. Wang Fengqing introduced the development process of China's certification and accreditation system and shared the achievements and experiences of China's national accreditation bodies in the aspects including the accreditation system, accreditation areas, international cooperation, innovation and development. She stressed that accreditation is the bridge of establishing and transmitting trust, the tie that connecting the government, market, and society, and the basis of national quality strategy. In the current comprehensive background of docking and serving for "The Belt and Road" building the background, there is a broad prospect for certification and accreditation serve the construction of "The Belt and Road". China's national accreditation authorities will continue to actively participate in the accreditation system of the international multilateral mutual recognition system of IAF, consolidate and expand the scope of mutual recognition; will further expand multilateral mutual cooperation with the and accreditation bodies along “The Belt and Road”, and jointly promote the mutual recognition and mutual trust of the conformity assessment results, and jointly work for the greater development of the accreditation work.

  Mr. Liu Weijun reviewed the background and implementation of “Joint promoting the certification and accreditation serving for ‘The Belt and Road’". He stressed that in the future, the CNCA will speed up the construction of "The Belt and Road" international cooperation mechanism of the certification and accreditation work and thoroughly implement the “Joint promoting the certification and accreditation serving for ‘The Belt and Road’" and deepen the cross-nation study, policy communication, system convergence and technical exchanges, to carry out international exchange training and foreign aid projects, to promote the mechanism of "The Belt and Road" international mutual accreditation cooperation.

  Mr. Xiao Jianhua introduced the latest situation about the international mutual accreditation of the IAF and ILAC. He said that accreditation and mutual accreditation work has been widely developed and has been significantly enhanced to support the regulation, promote the role of trade worldwide, IAF and ILAC established a wide range of internationally recognized cooperation network, which offered international accreditation system basis for along "The Belt and Road" countries to carry out accreditation cooperation, in turn, carrying out "The Belt and Road" accreditation cooperation enriched and deepened the multilateral cooperation mechanism of the international accreditation. He hoped that this conference would become a new starting point for strengthening the along "The Belt and Road" countries and would promote the continuous development of the accreditation cause.

  The representatives who participated in “The Belt and Road” International Symposium on Accreditation Development came from the accreditation authorities of 14 countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Iran, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kenya And Ethiopia.

  This international conference on accreditation development lasted for two weeks. The relevant leaders and experts of the CNCA and the Accreditation Committee would elaborate on China's certification and accreditation laws and regulations, the latest situation of China's conformity assessment system and its operation, and would introduce the specific implementation situation of China's three major accreditation bodies including the accreditation bodies, laboratories, inspection agencies, and the requirements including ISO/IEC1701 ISO / IEC17020, ISO / IEC17021, ISO / IEC17025, ISO / IEC17065 and other major international standards of conformity assessment. The Accreditation Committee would also organize the representatives to visit the certified conformity assessment authorities to conduct on-site visits and exchanges in order to demonstrate the good image of China's certification and accreditation, to share the successful experience of China's certification and accreditation work, and to jointly consolidate the quality and technology foundation of the along "The Belt and Road" countries. 14 representatives of accreditation authorities from along “The Belt and Road” countries national along the "one side" will also introduce the establishment and operation situation of their national accreditation systems. The counterparts of the Chinese and foreign accreditation authorities would also conduct in-depth discussions on the international mutual accreditation standards, implementation procedures and evaluation techniques.

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