The Sino-German Symposium on Information Security Conformity Assessment Was Held in Beijing

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    In 2017, the Sino-German Symposium on Information Security Conformity Assessment was held in Beijing. This was the first time that China and Germany hold such Symposium in the field of information security conformity assessment. Bo Yumin, Chief Engineer of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, and Wolfgang Trautwein, Counselor of the German Embassy in China attended the symposium.   

  Sino-German economic complementarity is strong, there are many converging points of interests, thus there are great potential for cooperation. China and Germany are two manufacturing powers, in recent years, with the release and implementation Made in China 2025 strategy and German industry 4.0 strategy, intelligent manufacturing has  become the strategic development direction of the two countries, and to prevent and solve the network security problem is the necessary protection of intelligent manufacturing industry.

  In recent years, China, Germany and the EU have formulated relevant laws and regulations, strategies and policy documents in the field of cybersecurity, and have recognized certification and accreditation as an important component of network security. Network security / information security certification has increasingly become a new topic and a new area that has been concerned by the governments, organizations and industrial and commercial circles of both sides. CNCA has signed the "Sino-German cooperation arrangements in the field of certification and accreditation" with Germany, and has decided to set up a special fund to cooperate in the fields including intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0 and other areas. Among them, the network security is the focus that the both sides have identified.   

  The seminar will focus on promoting the strategic cooperation in Made in China 2025 and German industry 4.0 of the two countries, and focus on the common concerns including issues such as network security, laws and regulations, standards, inspection and testing, certification and  accreditation from the perspectives of the government, certification and accreditation bodies, industry associations, enterprises and other perspectives, to share the best practices, to explore practical cooperation, and to strive for the mutual trust and mutual recognition and  to facilitate trade development and technical exchanges between the two countries.   

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