CNCA Deputy Director Liu Weijun Attends GOAL

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On September 20th, CNCA Deputy Director Mr. Liu Weijun attended GOAL and delivered the opening speech. 


  GOAL, set up by GAA in 2001, has become an annual conference for global seafood industry. 400 participants including the international major manufacturers and purchases attended GOAL 2016. The conference themed three sections-healthy fish, healthy people and healthy planet”– delivered pointed information about animal health and security, sustainable fishery, social responsibilities and consumption trend.  

  GAA is an international non-profit organization committed to develop sustainable aquaculture responsible for global environment, society and food security. It is a worldwide authoritative non-profit organization in specifications and regulations of breeding and cultivation. The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), a third party certification system created by GAA, is the core in the union. Now BAP certification approval by GFSI has promoted the import and export trade in multinational aquatic products. 

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