Inter-ministerial Coordination

time:2015-12-28 15:06:00  Author:CNCA  Source:CNCA

  According to the requirements of the Regulation of Certification and Accreditation, “the state practices to certification and accreditation a work mechanism in which joint implementation is conducted by relevant sides under unitary supervision, administration and overall coordination of the certification and accreditation regulatory department of the State Council”, the Inter-Ministerial Meeting Mechanism on certification and accreditation composed of 22 ministries and commissions has been established with the approval of the State Council as its coordination and negotiation department. The secretariat of the Inter-Ministerial Meeting on certification and accreditation is inside CNCA. The Advisory Committee on Certification and Accreditation was set up as while, acting as the consulting organization of certification and accreditation.

  In China, certification and accreditation are guided by the principle of “unitary administration and joint implementation”, stick to the national strategy and reforms arrangement, fully function as the basis of quality, provide technical evaluation, support and guidance to different sectors to change the ways of development and administration, promote the quality and efficiency improvement and upgrade of economy and the innovation of government administration, and has achieved notable achievements.

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