Science, Technology and Standards

time:2015-12-28 15:06:00  Author:CNCA  Source:CNCA

  Responsible for establishing the principles, policies and management rules for the scientific and technological work in the conformity assessment sector; drafting and organizing the implementation of the scientific and technological development program and plan for conformity assessment; organizing the initiation, acceptance/review, submission for approval, statistics and result appraisal and awarding of scientific and technological projects of conformity assessment; organizing academic and technical exchanges, training, promotion and implementation of science, technology and standards and conducting supervision and check.

  Responsible for managing the standards, specifications and technical requirements for certification and accreditation; building up the national standards system for certification and accreditation, organizing the development and revision of national and industry standards for certification and accreditation (RB) and managing the technical specifications of certification; proactively following, studying and localizing relevant international guidance, criteria and standards for conformity assessment and certification & accreditation and substantially participating in international standardization activities; managing the National Technical Committee 261 on Certification and Accreditation of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC261).

  Managing the standardization work of the inspection and quarantine setup; organizing the development and revision of the industry standards for inspection and quarantine to provide the technical enforcement basis for entry and exit inspection and quarantine work; organizing the inspection and quarantine setup to participate in national and international standardization work.

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