International Cooperation

time:2015-12-28 15:06:00  Author:CNCA  Source:CNCA

  To follow the WTO rules, CNCA endeavores to set up bilateral cooperation mechanism, participate in multilateral cooperation in certification and accreditation areas. The main goal is to promote the international mutual recognition and better service for the sound development of international trade.

  In bilateral cooperation, CNCA actively sets up cooperation mechanism to promote mutual recognition through various channels in different levels. In multilateral areas, CNCA has been heavily involved in international certification and accreditation organizations to develop the mutual-trust relations and expand the scope of multilateral recognition.

  Currently, China has established long-term cooperation mechanism, reached mutual recognition agreements in inspection, testing and certification results with many the trading partners. China has joined all the Conformity Assessment Schemes of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and many certification and accreditation arrangements in international or regional organizations.

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