Voluntary Product Certification

time:2015-12-28 09:44:00  Author:CNCA  Source:CNCA

  As an internationally accepted means of quality and reputation guarantee, Voluntary Product Certification helps manufacturing enterprises to enhance the quality of products and market competitiveness, consumers to choose products of superior performance and credible quality by certificates and marks, and the government to reduce administration costs and improve the quality of service based on certification results. Voluntary Product Certification plays a supporting role in regulating of market behavior, optimization of resource allocation, protection of public interests and improvement of the quality of national economic operation, etc.

  China’s Voluntary Product Certification began in the 1980s. Over the past 30 years, categories of China’s Voluntary Product Certification have been expanded from quality and safety certification to rarious certification programs including environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, low carbon, ergonomics and anti-explosion. Product certificafion covers electronics, electro-mechanics, machinery, motor vehicles, office equipment, building materials, renewable energy sources, light and textile industry, chemical engineering and metallurgy. As a bridge in facilitation of foreign trade,China’s Voluntary Product Certification also plays a positive role in promotion of China’s economic and society development.

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