China Compulsory Certification

time:2015-12-28 09:42:00  Author:CNCA  Source:CNCA

  For the purpose of protection of national security, human health or safety, animal and plant life or health, and environment, and prevention of deceptive practices, China Compulsory Certification (CCC), a conformity assessment system of market access, is implemented by Chinese government in line with the international practices to fulfill its commitment made at the entry into WTO to assess products’ conformity with national compulsory standards and technical specifications. One catalogue, one set of technical specifications, standards and conformity assessment procedures, one mark and one fee chart are applied to products required for CCC.

  CCC system was implemented on May 1st, 2002, and CNCA is responsible for organizing its implementation. CNCA has designated certification bodies and testing laboratories to undertake the actual operation of CCC certification. The local certification supervision departments are according to their respective duties to enforce market surveillance on the implementation of CCC certification system.

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